Bike Bus Summit 2023

30th - 31st March 2023

A global collective of leaders in sustainable and active transit for children

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What is a bike bus?

A bike bus is a group of children cycling with grown ups (parents, volunteers and, occasionally, teachers!) to get to school. Bike Buses create safe spaces for children to ride to school, improving the environment, reducing traffic and giving families the experience of cycling together.

Summit on Thursday

On Thursday 30th March, Bike Bus leaders and other stakeholders can join the Bike Bus Summit 2023. The Summit aims to: define a vision for Bike Buses globally, develop community resources to support more bike buses and share success stories from around the world, acting as a focal point for safe street and school transit advocacy.

Bike Bus on Friday

Participants and attendees are invited to join the Saint Antoni Bicibus in Barcelona on Friday. Full details to follow!

Social events and sharing experiences

We are really looking forward to meeting other Bike Bus leaders and having the opportunity to share experiences and the joy of bike buses from around the world. Lots of the community exchange messages online and the summit will be a great chance to meet and socialise in person.

Our agenda for the session, timings and location for the summit will be published soon

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